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Profit VS Cash Flow

Real estate brokers and agents go through a lot of money in their careers. Whether you are looking at it annually or over the lifetime of one’s career, it all adds up to a great deal of coin compared to the average person on the street.

Yet, I constantly hear stories of good, productive agents taking part time jobs to supplement their incomes and lifestyle, especially when the market goes a little soft. I have often wondered why that would happen when I know that these folks have good prospecting and sales skills and should have been able to weather the temporary downturn in market activity.

After watching this happen over and over again, I asked some who I knew what happened along the way to make them go outside this incredible business and take on other income producing activities. Obviously, there were a million different reasons and stories but I have distilled it down to one simple reason.  They did not have a clear understanding of the difference between profit and cash flow. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin


We operate in a very stressful business from time to time.  It is easy to get caught up in the “emotion” of the deal. When a Seller or Buyer becomes irrational or even belligerent, we must fight the urge to get drawn into their drama.

I have observed over the years that the real pros in this business somehow keep their emotions in check throughout the transaction. I remember vividly as a young agent in the business an elderly gentleman once called me a “cool cucumber”. Not sure whether he was complimenting me or taking a back handed shot at me, so I smiled and said “Thank You.”

He went on to explain that he had been impressed with my demeanor when everyone else, including himself, was losing it because the transaction was starting to go sideways. That experience had a huge impact on my career and I’ve never forgotten that lesson. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

Seasons Change

As we are in the midst of Summer and approaching the hottest part of the year, the real estate markets in most areas are on fire as well. Brokers and agents are reporting record months last seen in 2005-2006, nearly a decade ago. The industry as a whole has grown with new practitioners to the trade representing over 40% of that growth.

While all this has been going, we have also seen a huge shift in the way consumers look for real estate. As I write this blog today, consumers now use their mobile devices to search for homes more than they do by any other method. Even just this past week, news broke that the web portal giant Zillow is purchasing Dotloop, one of the largest transaction management systems in the industry. Questions abound about how that will affect us in our business in the long run. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

Believe & Achieve

“What you GET by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals”   Henry David Thoreau.

I have always loved setting goals for myself and my business. It was drilled into my head at an early age – the importance of doing just that and I have been a strong believer ever since.

Looking back on my business career, goal setting has served me very well. Like so many others, I have come to realize the wisdom in the quote above. It is not just the getting that comes from goal setting, but setting goals and seeing them become your reality is what defines you as a person on this planet. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

A Great Compliment

In the real estate business one of the most important “things” we do is listen to people’s stories and situations. Early in my career, I realized a strange and unusual phenomenon. The less I talked and the more I listened, the more the clients would tell me how helpful I had been to them.

At first, I didn’t really understand why this was constantly happening, I really hadn’t given them much advice or local insights but it seemed they felt I had really connected with them and was on the same page with them. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

Learning & Growing

“In all Nature, to cease to grow is to perish”. — Robert Collier (1926)

No truer words have been spoken. I am always surprised when I meet people who haven’t seen me for a long time and they say something like “oh, I figured you’d be retired by now”. Not sure what they were expecting but I still have way too much to learn in this business to quit now :-)

It has never occurred to me that retirement, from anything, was the goal. I certainly think it is fine for others to have that as their goal in life. For me, life is about living and living is about learning and growing. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

A Complete Sentence

Today we are bombarded with text messages, tweets, posts, and emails loaded with what is now the shorthand version of our language.  We even have little symbols made from characters on the keyboard that send multiple subtle messages to the recipient. My favorite is when I am trying to convey a joke or a little humor :-)

I must admit my parochial schooling makes me a bit uncomfortable seeing the English language butchered up the way it is today and I often wonder what it will look like in another 100 years.

But there is a one word sentence that is necessary to learn to say if you want to stay productive in the fast paced world we live in today… That full sentence is NO. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

Taking Time to Sharpen the Saw

Like most of you, I have taken numerous classes and attended countless seminars in hopes of learning new techniques to improve my skills and enhance my business. I’ve even admitted in the past that I may have been a “real estate seminar junkie” in the early years.

At the regional office, we organize our fair share of educational and training events. After observing and participating in many of these educational opportunities, I have come to observe a couple of interesting trends.

One is that the same top producers show up to most if not all training events. It seems they have a burning desire to learn one new idea that they can take away from the class. The other observation is that most people who go to a training event are usually entertained and enjoy the presenter but seldom do much with the new information. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

What Were They Thinking?

We have all come across that question in our lives. If it is not a story making the headlines about what appears to be a boneheaded decision by a famous politician or movie star, it is something we may have said about someone or possibly even about ourselves.

They say hindsight is 20/20. I guess that may be true but only if we take the time to reflect. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin



One definition that Webster gives that word is:

“An act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.”

I study successful real estate brokers and agents all the time. I know, I should get a life. But I love learning what makes some in the business more successful than others. Because I am exposed to literally thousands of people in the real estate industry annually, I think I have come to understand one of the important traits that nearly all top performers do day in and day out.

I have found that way too many people in real estate sales make the same mistake year after year. They are constantly changing their approach to prospecting and marketing in hopes they will find the magic formula to take their careers to an all-time high. Read the rest of this entry »

Dennis Curtin

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